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About the author

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Who are you?

I'm Chris, a journalist and blogger from London. I work for a travel retail magazine, which means I get to go all over the world for work.

Outside of the office I spend a lot of time on stage and searching for the perfect cup of coffee (any tips, drop me a line). I also have aspirations to write a novel.

What is The Millennial Gent?

The Millennial Gent started out as a previous project, The 21st Century Gentleman.

Now it has grown into a more focused blog and sort of online journal, with snatches of culture, current affairs, food, places I've been, the odd lifestlye thought, things that make me smile and my hunt for the perfect cup of coffee. 

What makes it onto your wishlist?

Basically just products I want. Pictures and details will come from press releases and PRs sometimes, but they are all things that have caught my eye.

What is with the search for coffee?

I love a good cup of coffee. Coffee shops are having a renaissance and I am out and about to find the best - from street carts to permanent stores.

Describe yourself in less than 10 words

Jack of all trades, master of none

Freddie Scott is a lifestlye and luxury writer who produces columns for Millennial Gent.

He can be found on Instagram right here and Twitter right here.