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007: Mr Boyle, we've been expecting you

We finally have new details for the next film in the James Bond franchise - and there is some very good news in there.

Danny Boyle has been confirmed as the director for the, as yet un-titled, next Bond outing.

Boyle's credentials are well-known to most. He directed Trainspotting, won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, oversaw the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and has helmed films as diverse as 28 Days Later, The Beach and Steve Jobs.

He arrives to take on the Bond franchise as it looks to a next step after completing the family origins arc overseen by Sam Mendes in the last two films.

But on a very basic level Boyle could be exactly what Bond needs.

Recently I took a step back to read the first of Ian Fleming's Bond stories, Casino Royale.

I knew Bond was misogynistic and 'of it's time' - to borrow a phrase which is often used as an excuse for something which does not stand up today. But there were aspects of the original Bond which were borderline distasteful for a modern reader. Most notably the moment where Bond reflects on the possibility of sleeping with Vesper Lynd. While considering her withdrawn nature, he muses that it would give having sex with her "the sweet tang of rape".

It is a phrase and reflection which should be - and is - abhorrent to a modern reader.

But when Daniel Craig came on board and unveiled his more brutal outlook on Bond in the Casino Royale film, many lauded the fact he had "gone back to the Bond of the books".

Well, if that is the case, then hopefully Boyle is the man to take him on a step or two.

Craig himself is perfect for this situation. He does not seem to be a big proponent of the 'back to the original' approach. His shutdown of questions over whether Monica Bellucci was too old to be a Bond girl shows he has the social awareness to play Bond as the 21st century needs him.

And we have not had a misogynistic dinosaur Bond from Craig up to this point. But we have got a Bond who is in an interesting position. Craig has rebuilt an origin story. But he has completed that story and come out as a Bond who is battle-hardened and older.

Boyle has a good record of turning in stories which elicit both humanity and humour from dark situations and characters, if he can do the same with Bond it might just put the super spy back on track - in-keeping with his story-book roots, but in a form which makes his an aspirational hero for the modern audience.

Images from the official James Bond Instagram page. Danny Boyle image from IMDB.

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