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12 Days of Tequila-mas

The time has come, my friends, for tequila to take its place among the beloved spirits of our age.

For too long, this beautiful drink has been banished to the back of cupboards, stained with bad memories of one house party or a bad night out. Memories which still make you shudder as you taste the phantom memory of a lick or salt or a squeeze of lime.

The simple truth is that tequila is so much more than that.

This is a spirit carefully crafted by artisans across Mexico. It is a drink with the flavour and sipping potential of whisky and the excitement and potential for innovation of gin.

So, as we approach Christmas and the NYE party opportunities, let me reopen your eyes to this wonderful spirit. Allow me to take the role of Merry ChrisMads, your festive tequila elf, and take you through our Twelve Days of Tequila-Mas!

First up, let me introduce you to a friend who we will be meeting a number of times over the coming days: The Master of Malt and Drinks by the Dram taster set.

This brilliant idea allows you to pick up a series of five tasters to try out something new for your palate. Each set comes with 30ml bottles, which are priced between £4 and £6 and are perfect for single drink.

I put together my own little tequila taster set, consisting of Herradura Resposado, Fortaleza Responsado, La Cava de Don Agustin Añejo, Sauza Hornitos Resposado and Arette Resposado.

We’ll start our journey with the Herradura Resposado. This delightful tequila is sweet on the nose, with both oak and vanilla coming through in the aroma and the taste.

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