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17 Rules of Modern Etiquette

Updated: May 24, 2020

The world is changing and the rules for men and women living in it are doing the same.

In the latest edition of GQ, the staff at that most illustrious of men’s lifestyle publications set out a list of 27 Rules for Being a Gentleman. It suggested that many outdated rules, such as walking roadside (I tend to disagree) and which way to pass the port (mostly fair), should be replaced with a more current code of ethics.

You can find their list on the GQ website, but it would be remiss of me not to have my own say. These are not hard and fast life rules, they are not going to turn you into a success overnight, nor particualrly boost your attractiveness to your key demographic, but they are a few guidelines to bear in mind day to day.

  1. Don’t be a dick

  2. Take responsibility for your actions

  3. Always carry cash

  4. Use an actual name on social media. If you’re going to say something then it should be in your name.

  5. Your email has an out of office setting, use it.

  6. Get a business card

  7. Buy less but better

  8. Don’t indulge in cheap coffee, whisky or wine

  9. Don’t treat vegetarians and vegans like an alien species. Don’t treat carnivores like murderers

  10. If you want to debate then you have to listen

  11. Lambasting someone for wrongdoing is not the same as doing your bit. See Barack Obama below

  12. It is better to leave than cancel

  13. If you are invited then you are required to RSVP

  14. Hold the door and be willing to give up your seat on the train – for anyone who is passing through or needs it

  15. Down time is not wasted time

  16. Respect your host and their event

  17. Be nice

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