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20 rules for 2020

Ah, New Year's Day. It is one of our great traditions. As a new year - and a new decade - dawn, we customarily greet it with a hangover and a list of 'new year, new me' resolutions which will have been largely confined to the forgotten waste paper bin of life before Spring's blossoms bloom.

I'm not big on resolutions. Mostly because I usually forget about them and get irritated by people pointing out that I have done so. But with the Twenties back in our lives, I thought I would offer a few pointers for the year ahead.

Less resolutions and more a set of guidelines and ideals.

1. Don't be a dick

2. Remember, the fact you disagree with someone does not make them evil or stupid

3. Don't share social media links without reading them

4. Keep abreast of current affairs

5. Moisteurise

6. Upgrade your treats - you will enjoy them more and probably need less of them

7. Carry cash

8. Buy Christmas and Birthday presents throughout the year and keep them for the day

9. Run, Dance, Walk

10. Don't waste time on weak coffee, bad wine or boring conversations

11. Visit your High Street

12. Form your own opinions and be willing to defend and adjust them

13. Check the facts you read online

14. Apologise to those you lost touch with but want to stay in touch with

15. Make an effort

16. Use less plastic

17. Don't buy fast fashion

18. Save your money

19. Take a holiday

20. Try something new

Happy New year.

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