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Madden's Law on spoilers

MADDEN'S Law: After any culturally significant event, such as the release of a film or TV show, there will be an agreed "spoiler-free" cooling off period. After that time those who have seen it may discuss it freely and it becomes the duty of those who have not to avoid spoilers.

The cooling off periods are as follows.

1) Film​: 1 week* > In the event of a major release such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens this shall be reduced to 24 hours. This is known as the "I queued at midnight, where were you?" rule

2) TV show: 24 hours* > In the event of a major TV series where a development might make national news (such as an elimination in a reality TV show) this is reduced to just the night of release. This is known as the "If you were a fan you'd have watched live" rule 3) Theatrical production: 1 week 4) Sporting event: The next day > Come on, really?

This was originally posted on December 13, 2016, on a previous blog

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