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Game of Thrones: My top 5 moments

Game of Thrones is back. I am not going to lie, I am very excited by this. I joined the GoT craze late, binge-read the books and then stuck with the TV series when it went solo. To be honest I'm still not over some of the developments which have come about through the TV show - yes the death of Ser Barristan Selmy, I am looking at you. But Game of Thrones has given us some truly brilliant moments of television. Iconic sequences such as the Red Wedding, The Mountain vs The Red Viper or Bran being shoved out of a window will always come up when discussing the best of GoT, but here is a quick rundown of five of my personal favourite moments.

Tywin Lannister being a boss

Yes he was the dastardly head of House Lannister and cause a large amount of trouble for a great many people, but Lord Tywin Lannister was, unavoidably, pretty awesome. Game of Thrones has a habit of making you cheer for people with questionable morals and I will always be on board with Team Tywin.

Dany vs The Slavers

Danaerys' standoff with the slavers at the climax of the last season only just missed out on this list. But this sequence from earlier in the series got in simply because of one moment - "Dracarys".

Jon vs Ramsey

The Battle of the Bastards was a moment we were all waiting for last year - alongside the R+L=J "reveal". What I really love about this is that Ramsey is an absolute sh*t right to the end and we get a proper sight of Jon Snow in warrior mode.

The Crown of Gold

Ah Khal Drogo, what a legend. Alongside Ser Barristan, the Dothraki lord is one of the biggest loses to the show in my opinion. I am a huge fan of Jason Momoa off-screen, but Khal Drogo was just TV gold. His fight for Danaerys' honour is another favourite moment of mine but this was a great bit of comeuppance for Viserys.

Bronn in Trial by Combat

I loved the character of Bronn in the books and I love him even more in the TV show. One of the great things about Game of Thrones is it creates characters who revel in their "negative" traits and you enjoy watching them do so. Bronn is a killer, he has no honour and he doesn't care what you think about it.

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