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Superman vs the unwelcome moustache?

This is without doubt my favourite news story of the day; Henry Cavill's moustache is having to be digitally removed from the upcoming Justice League film. How good is that? The story goes that reshoots for the Justice League movie are currently running late and costing the studio, Warner Bros, lots of money. That reshoots are hampered by try to fit around the cast's schedules; Mr Cavill has already begun shooting the new Mission Impossible film. The studio behind Mission Impossible, Paramount, won't let him shave off the moustache he has grown for the film.

All this means Clark Kent/Superman is appearing in the Justice League reshoots complete with a (very impressive) moustache. So to keep continuity Warner Bros has to digitally remove Mr Cavill's moustache from every shot in the reshoots. It has genuinely made my day. It is almost as if moustaches felt like they hadn't made enough of a cultural impact by being at the forefront of the hipster trend and wanted to break into Hollywood too. But all this poses the question, could Superman have a moustache?

We are all used to the clean shaven man of steel and my initial reaction was how could the son of Krypton grow a beard. While we know his race can sport facial hair wouldn't his invulnerability make it very difficult to shave off. Then I remembered Mr Cavill had an impressive beard during his first outing as Superman, while working in a bar in the middle of nowhere. And Captain America, who is basically the Marvel equivalent of Superman, seems to be embracing the fuzz in Avengers: Infinity War if the Comic Con artwork is anything to go by.

But, to be honest, I am glad Warner Bros are getting rid of the 'tache. Otherwise we would not have this truly amazing distraction for a Thursday afternoon. And for another, here are my Top Five film moustaches (in no particlar order) > Al Pacino (Serpico) > Clark Gable (Gone With The Wind) > Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood) > Robert Redford (Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) > Sam Elliott (pretty much everything)

Pictures from Henry Cavill's Instagram unless otherwise marked

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