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Wishlist: The Aviator Smart Watch

A good timepiece is the key accessory for any man. I am a big fan of my daily wristwear which is an Omega Speedmaster Professional. But I must admit to being more than a bit in love with this new smartwatch from Aviator. The smartwatch and wearable tech trend have slightly passed me by, if I am honest. I love a good gadget as much as the next person, but I'm not big on changing up my watch. Aviator are the first ones who have made me consider straying. The Aviator Smart Watch - no prizes for the name - looks like a classic timepiece, all metal face and leather strap. For me this is a big point. I love the sleekness of Apple products - I'm an Apple guy, sorry - but it's not what I want on my wrist. For my general look a classic timepiece works much better than a sleek bit of tech. The Aviator has seen to that. It looks fantastic. But behind the facade it does email, texts, a calendar, sleep monitoring and missed calls. If I'm completely honest I am still not sold on the whole "wear your phone on your wrist" idea, but if I ever stray I know which way I will be heading.


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