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Coffee time: The Barn, Berlin

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I was killing time in Berlin recently and stumbled across a great spot for a cup of coffee. Ok, "stumbled across" is not quite accurate, I was looking for a place for coffee and had googled places which were not big chains. Continental Europe traditionally does coffee well so I figured I was in good hands.

It was about 20 minutes walk through the town to find The Barn. At a glance it meets everything you would expect from a place in Berlin with a name like that; the decor was simple, wooden and can best be described as "rustic chic". The staff are all bearded and knowledgable, but in a surprising turn are English. The Barn clearly takes its quality coffee ideals seriously, with each creation poured over with great care. The options are limited but signposted on the wall behind the bar on a large chalkboard. I'm a fan of keeping coffee simple, so this suits me to the ground.

As an aside, gents, there are two rules when it comes to ordering coffee: > Your order should not be longer than three words > You should have decided by the time you get to the front of the queue But I digress. I decided to go for a milky option, straying from my usual simple black coffee. It tasted great, but I did feel over full and had a strange milky taste in my mouth for the next hour. Lesson learned.

But if you are in Berlin I thoroughly recommend The Barn. Either go along yourself with a book or laptop, or take a few friends, pull up a wooden pew and while the time away. If in doubt, or undecided, ask the barista's advice on what to drink, they will love to advise. But remember rule #2 and do this before you queue up.

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