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Wedding season: 5 things to remember

It is wedding season and this weekend the first of my group of school friends got hitched. There is something a little surreal about seeing a guy you used to kick a football about with sat in a suit next to the veiled love of his life. Either way it was a good opportunity for us all to get dressed up and have a party. It was also S's first meeting with my schoolfriends, just to add to the occasion. She was wonderful, obviously.

The location for the wedding was brilliant; Woldingham School is a Catholic, all-girl boarding school set in a huge rural estate up a two-mile road. The buildings look stunning and the grounds are perfect when the rain stays away. Mercifully, with one brief interlude, it did.

But being at a wedding reminded me of a few basics we should all remember at these sort events.

> 1) Take photos. This is someone's special day and they will want to remember it as many ways as possible. Plus, you're with your friends, take advantage.

> 2) Applaud the speeches. The speakers will be nervous, some won't want to do it but will feel obliged, so give them a bit of support. Laugh where you are supposed to and make sure you have properly considered your entry before joining the "how long will the speeches be" sweepstake.

> 3) Join in. This is a party, treat it as such. You are there to help two people celebrate their relationship, so regardless of your views on the type of ceremony, the venue or even the concept of marriage, get stuck in.

> 4) Thank the bride, groom and parents. A lot of work and money has gone in to providing the day you are getting, say thanks.

> 5) Don't be "that guy". There is one at every wedding. As the night comes to a close, don't be the one drunkenly staggering about or shouting or making a scene. You are there to have fun and celebrate with friends and family, but it is not your day. Don't make it about you.

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