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Wishlist: Globe-Trotter

Try to travel - and try to do it in style. To borrow a phrase from Ryan Reynolds' (second most)* iconic character: "Write that down". As mantras go it is not a bad one to have. I am actually a big fan of the 'on a shoestring' approach to travel, but there is nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of style every now and again. Indeed I think it should be positively encouraged. I'm very lucky, in that I get to do quite a bit of travelling for work and I have seen all manner of styles of luggage in recent months. But none which live up to this. Globe-Trotter is not a new brand. Created in Germany in the late late 1800s, the suitcases are now handmade in Hertfordshire. And look at them.

Hitting the line between classic style and modern functionality is pretty difficult these days, but these look awesome. The different models come in all sizes and even fitted with a trolley fnuction, so you can be at ease and in-style. The new AW17 collection includes 20" trolley cases, 9" utility cases and 13" memory cases. The predominant colours for the season are Brinjal and mustard, but a suitcase here will set you back a cool £1,300. So it's not cheap, but luxury rarely is.

If you're thinking these look a little familiar then I salute as either a person of taste or a Potterhead. One Eddie Redmayne is a big fan of Globe-Trotter and has been spotted carrying his personal case around on numerous occasions. He wields it so well that Globe-Trotter made its way onto the big screen in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them as Mr Redmayne's Newt Scamander character used one to house his magical creatures.

I don't think the new range comes with a magical, "bigger on the inside" effect though. You can't have it all.

*Van Wilder. First is Deadpool, obviously.

Suitcase photos by Globe-Trotter, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them still from Warner Bros Pictures

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