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First day of school, Your Highness

Ah the first day at school. Most of us can remember the going back to school for the new year, the creeping dread of starting term and homework again, mixed with the fun of seeing your friends again.

How many of us started the first day with the best intentions which went south pretty quickly?

Well today there has been a lot of focus on the first day back and it is all because of the chap above, His Royal Highness Prince George.

There have been endless photos of the prince heading to school but this was the official one released by Kensington Palace. Doesn't he look happy eh? The picture of confidence and nonchalance, we'll see how that lasts.

So what should you do on the first day of school? It is different for everyone, of course, but here are some suggestions

Prepare to try something new

We all know about the school cliches - jocks, artists, nerds etc.

Well here is another cliche for you: you can be whoever you want at school. Fancy trying out a new hobby or class, just go for it. Believe me, you won't regret giving something a shot and you might just be good at it.

Behave - a good impression lasts

This is my top tip for anyone in any walk of life: good first impressions last. I was a chatty and precociously annoying child at school. I got myself in plenty of trouble for being a pain. But I'm pretty sure my reputation was as one of the reliable good kids. That's because for the first few weeks I was a model of good behaviour. Once the teachers have decided you're a good kid then you can get away with a bit more.

Remember people change

You're not going to like everyone at school and everyone is not going to like you, but chances are you won't always like the same people too. Give people a chance at the start of the year - if you've changed then they might just have too.

Look the part

"You can never be overdressed or over-educated," Oscar Wilde said. If you dress up too much as school you will soon know about it. But for the first day make sure you have decided who and what you want to be and look the part for that. It's your formative years, you're not setting your stall out for life so go crazy.

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