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Coffee board advice: Volume I

Insights and life advice come from all sorts of places in the 21st Century.

With Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest making the sharing of snappy slogans all too easy, the concept of sharing quasi-philosophical insights has changed.

In this digital age, though, I have a new favourite place to source life advice and rise a smile - coffee shop boards.

Yes, that's right, coffee board advice is my new life bible.

Information, insights, advice and jokes shared by baristas on chalkboards provide everything you need to know.

Here are some of my favourite examples.

Kicking off the week in style - we all need a pick-me-up on a Monday.

Relationship advice - baristas are the new bartenders.

Grab a snack - it's not just for hot drinks.

Pick the right route - this one on a street in a less salubrious corner of London was great.

Drink or safety? - This one was in a bar, but why shouldn't bartenders play too.

Quotes - everyone loves a celebrity motto, because not all advice is original.

And these two, which I can take no credit for are great too.

Send me your favourites or tweet me @chrismads

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