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The importance of a good shake

Ok, behave yourselves.

A good shake is a very important skill, indeed it is one every aspiring gentleman and lady should master. Why? It is the key to making a good cocktail of course.

I have previously discussed the importance of being able to knock up a good cocktail; when you invite people round you can offer them a cup of tea or glass of wine on any occasion. So how do you set an occasion apart when you really want to make an impression? You whip up a mixed drink for your honoured guest.

But if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Earlier today I was at an event run by spirits brand Pernod Ricard up in London. During it they did a cocktail demonstration - G&T and Martinis before 11am anyone? The bartenders told us the ideal temperature for a shaken Martini is -4 degrees. And the secret to acheiving that sub-zero goal is a good hard shake.

So how do you acheive this?

Well I would suggest asking the person who won the cocktail making competition at the event - me.

The key to a good cocktail shake is a cocktail shaker full of ice. Contrary to popular drunk person suggestion, more ice does not weaken your drink. The more ice there is the longer the mixture stays cold, so the less the ice melts. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

Alas, for a good shaken cocktail, the large amount of ice helps give the drink that cloudy look you want when you pour.

So, lots of ice, add the alcohol, put on the top, hold the shaker at the top and bottom and hold it up above your shoulder. Then shake vigourously. The outside of the cocktail shaker should go very cold and be covered with condensation.

Then remove the lid and strain out the drink.


Apart from the penultimate one, the pics are courtesy of those lovely folks at Pixabay

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