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Monday work inspiration from The Rock

"Grateful for the grind."

The words, which sit atop Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram page, are more than a throwaway remark. They are a mantra for a man who has worked from being broke and sleeping in a car, to making an unpopular debut in professional wrestling to becoming the industry's biggest star and then transitioning to Hollywood superstardom.

Now the head of his own production company, one of Hollywood's most successful and bankable assets and the main face in popular franchises on both big and small screens, the "graft" is Mr Johnson's way of life. This was one of the reasons I made him my Man to work like in my Men of the Year 2016.

Mr Johnson begins his day at 4am with a trip to the gym before heading out to whatever project is currently occupying his day. On the way home he often manages to meet and greet with fans who wait to see him on set.

The whole thing is perfectly documented online - meticulously even. And that is the first lesson we can take from Mr Johnson, be in control of your own business and image.

In this world of social media, how you are perceived by business acquaintances and friends is often directed by your social media output.

Mr Johnson is a perfect example of one of the best mantras for social media: don't overshare. He uses it to create the image he wants of himself, in that respect your public image becomes something you aspire to.

There is another common message in Mr Johnson's output: have your anchors.

Working hard and playing hard are an old duality, but Mr Johnson revels in the time he takes in the gym or at his home. These are his moments to relax and focus. It is an adaptation of the old adage from Twin Peaks' FBI Agent Dale Cooper: "Every day, once a day, give yourself a present." If you are going to grind, you have to unwind.

Finally, for today, every output and insight offered by Mr Johnson ties into one ideal: celebrate your success.

Not a single project goes by which Mr Johnson does not promote and shout about. His Baywatch film had a tough time at the cinema from critics, but fans loved it and it was the highest grossing Rated R movie of the year when it was released. That was the message and the thanks that came out.

The positive outlook and thanks are encouraging and inspiring to those around you.

So there you go, feeling better about your Monday now?


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