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Tom Ford: 15 things a man should have

Tom Ford is a perfect example of a stylish modern chap.

He has his own brand, has served as creative director at YSL and Gucci, directed two Oscar-nominated films and dresses James Bond.

So when he gives lifestyle tips it is worth taking notice. This list has been doing the rounds for a while but here you go...

15 things every man should have, according to Tom Ford

1. A sense of humour

2. A daily read of the newspaper

3. A sport that you love and are good at

4. Tweezers

5. A good cologne that becomes a signature

6. A well-cut dark suit

7. A pair of classic black lace-up shoes

8. A smart blazer

9. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans

10. Lots of crisp, white cotton shirts

11. Always new socks and underwear, change them every six months

12. A classic tuxedo

13. A beautiful day watch with a metal band

14. The perfect sunglasses

15. Perfect teeth - if you don't have them, save up and have them fixed

Picture from Tom Ford's Instagram

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