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Going on a Quest with The Macallan

Today I went on a quest, courtesy of those lovely folks at Edrington GTR.

The new The Macallan Quest range was unveiled with a special event here in Cannes. In-keeping with the adventurous spirit of the new releases the event took us on a journey of our own - of sorts.

We arrived at a glamorous Riviera villa set away in the hills outside the centre of Cannes.

Climbing up through the gardens we passed along a smoke-filled path to the sounds of haunting bird calls, before emerging at the house itself.

Inside we were furnished with cocktails and crudites as the nature of the quest became clear.

Across three stations around the villa's main room were table adorned with exploratory experiences. One allowed us to chip off our own ice for out drinks using a chainmail glove and a pick, on another maps and compases were accompanied by amazing tiny bowls of steak and rice.

The centrepoint of the day was, of course, the whiskies themselves, but the main attraction was the station where you could mongram your own journal. A leather journal with the Macallan brand was given to each of us and we put our initials into the metal tool before putting it onto the book and hammering it with a 100-year-old mallet.

I had great fun with that.

After whisky cocktails, fingerbowl food and plenty of hammering journals, only one thing remained - the whisky itself.

We were ushered into a dark room where a single light shone on a well surrounded by glasses of whisky.

I don't know enough about whisky to give you a full review, but the $100 Lumina would make for a wonderful bar top high-end whisky, while the top of the range Enigma, at $250, would be a great addition to any premium collection cupboard.

Some photos courtesy of The Macallan, Edrington and Filtr PR


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