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Buckle and Seam bring back the briefcase

Are we allowed to make briefcases a thing again? I don't mean briefcases in the 1980's Wall Street style, but a dignified case in which the respectable gent might carry his personal belongings for the day.

The renaissance has already begun. Sort of. Pulp Fiction kept the briefcase in the public eye and now they are creeping back in with appearances in top TV dramas such as Suits and Millions.

Even the Harry Potter world has jumped on the bandwagon; Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them's hero Newt Scamander carries his magical creatures around the world with him in a classic-look brown case.

This is given even more sartorial clout by the fact the case in question is one the film's star, Eddie Redmayne, owns and uses himself.

So cases are becoming a thing - and not a moment too soon, because I have found one which I am more than a bit in love with.

This offering comes courtesy of Buckle and Seam, a brand which is building itself some high-profile plaudits including the staff at GQ.

The vegetable tanned leather Cali business briefcase comes with a choice of inner lining and can be personalised with initials. It is made from premium leather at the brand's factory in Pakistan. It is big enough for a laptop, notebook and other essentials. There is a dedicated padded area for a laptop, as well as pockets for phone, business cards and pens.

But look at it. This hits the perfect line between office professionalism and more casual business.

Anyone who knows me will know I am a big fan of a backpack, but I struggle to use them with a suit without feeling a little bit like I should be taking my A Levels. Well, it seems I've found a solution.

The Buckle and Seam bag is made using leather from the north of Pakistan and is reassuringly thick making the bag very robust. It is also treated using a vegetable tanning technique, which takes longer and costs more but saves on the use of harmful chemicals.

The bags cost £170 and some of the profits are donated to a school in Karachi as Buckle and Seam looks to help change the life of girls in that region by sending them to school.

For more details head to Buckle and Seam's website.

Photos courtesy of Buckle and Seam


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