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Coffee at Crew Collectif & Cafe, Montreal

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I am not sure if a picture or words will do justice to the Crew Collectif & Cafe in Montreal.

Housed in an old bank building, the coffee shop is part of a bigger operation which presents itself as a home for Montreal's creative and business people.

I have been into a fair few coffee shops and I can honestly say none of the others greeted me with a revolving door which led into a marble atrium with a reception desk and stairs climbing away from me to the shop itself.

After taking a moment to take in the scene, which was more than a little reminiscent of glamorous office blocks from movies about New York in the 1990s, I ascended the marble steps which led to the coffee shop itself.

At the top was a buzzing hive of activity as people held meetings and worked on laptops or spoke on the phone and scribbled in journals. It was, in many ways, the self-employed millennial's dream.

Crew Collectif & Cafe perfectly combines the atmosphere of self-employed business and coffee shop calm, which explains why it was absolutely heading as I went in.

The menu flashes up behind the bar on digital signs; it is fairly simple but has an impressive selections of teas which took me aback. Service was quick and efficient and the coffee was decent.

But to reflect too much on the coffee seems to miss the point of Crew Collectif & Cafe, this is a hub for workers and creative types of all ages - and it is a place I would quite happily sit and work the day away.

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