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In praise of the facts

I wrote this two years ago in the wake of the Paris terror attack. It still seems relevant today...

Throughout today, with everything going on, please can I make a plea for facts and facts alone.

Rumour, speculation, prejudice and assumption will help no one and nothing at this terrible time. The horrific acts of a few do not speak for a whole people and the evil of some does not outweigh the desperate need of others.

Everyone wants answers and simple solutions but the truth is the world is not simple and none of these situations will be improved by generalisations.

Bombs are going off around the world every day. People are suffering horrors we cannot imagine. No action stands alone; all of them have a context and all of them will have consequences.

At times like this all we can do is pray for those affected, weep for those who are hurting and offer any support we can.

Prejudice, hatred, rumour and ignorance will only make things worse, especially when dressed up as truth.

We are the most developed species on the planet, at this time of need let's act like it.

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