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7 Twitter accounts you should probably follow

"Join Twitter - become the curator of your own information."

The advice given by the Goldman Sachs lifestyle guide is very sensible. So much of the world is announced and discussed on Twitter these days that not having an account does mean you risk missing out on the debate - and if politics has shown us anything recently it is that the debate is very important.

But Twitter is also supposed to be fun and entertaining, so here are a few accounts which are worth a look in my humble opinion. Click on the name to take a peek.

Donald Trump

There is literally nowhere else to start at the moment. The leader of the free world conducted his presidential campaign on Twitter and he is now running his presidency there. Whatever "The Donald" puts out on his social media account will drive the news agenda for the next 24 hours. The trouble is that what he has said will be twisted and cropped and used to fit the argument or agenda - always go to the source. You do not have to agree with him, but it is worth knowing what the man is saying.

Anna Kendrick

The Pitch Perfect star is just hilarious online, her Twitter feed reads like the stream of consciousness you wish you had. With thoughts on everything from fidget spinners and selfies to the challenges of "listening face" and seeing your own name trending, it is the millennial mindset in 140/280 characters.

Piers Morgan

The combative journalist and former US talk show host is prolific on Twitter - much like his "pal" Donald Trump. Morgan is outspoken and direct on everything from the US President, gun crime, Arsenal FC and guests on his shows. He will happily argue with followers and woe betide any who make a spelling error while talking to him. He is another one for the "you may not agree but you should read anyway" list.


Whether you love or hate the monarchy, this account is worth a look. Written as if from Her Majesty, it is a stream of sarcastic and supposedly gin-fuelled outbursts which provide a satiric look at much of what is going on in the world.

Owen Jones

Balance is key in curating a list like this and Owen Jones offers the outspoken liberal view you need to get both sides. Plus he is a good writer, so it is insightful whether you agree or not.

Ryan Reynolds

While so many celebrities are looking to campaign and make their mark, Reynolds is just funny. He promotes his own work brilliantly and puts up some things which are just genius in their own right.

The Rock

There are a number of accounts which will drive you to work harder and do more, but for me Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson leads the pack. His Instagram account is a masterclass in a well-curated public image and his Twitter account keeps that up. Ignoring all the hard work he does, it is a good study in how to portray your life on social media. Image is everything here.

...oh and I'm giving a quick shout out to my own account. It's not going to break any new ground for you but this is my blog. So there.

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