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Avengers Infinity War trailer reaction

The new Avengers trailer is here. After a few days of muttering online, Marvel has dropped our first official look at the next piece of the Avengers franchise.

"There was an idea..."

That opening from Samuel L Jackson told me everything was going to be ok. Harking back to Jackson's team-building inspirational moment in the first Avengers film reminds us just how long this film has been in coming. Shots jumping between RDJ and Mark Ruffalo and the Paul Bettany and short-haired Chris Hemsworth (spoilers if you have not seen Thor: Ragnarok, do keep up) remind us how far we have come since that starting point.

The flick-through which precedes any Marvel piece hits and here we are in with the new action. Josh Brolin takes over the voicing, Tom Holland is on a bus, Tony Starke is with Dr Strange and Loki has the Tesseract, though he doesn't look thrilled about it.

And then, here is the big man himself - Thanos. A colleague at work text me with the words: "Looks ridiculous. In a good way obviously."

That just about sums it up. Josh Brolin with a big purple head strolls into shot and we know it is all go.

Thoughts as the new trailer ran through:

"Spider-Man took his new suit then?"

"Chadwick Boseman is quickly becoming the coolest Marvel hero."

"Oi Thor, what are you doing in that ring?"

"And get this man a shield!!"

"Have a shave Cap."

"Fight time."

"They stole the Superman spaceships."

"You certainly look like you're having fun Josh."

"Bucky has a gun - and, apparently, an army."

"Chadwick, you may be cool but I'll take Bucky's gun over your uber-nails."

"Proper war. Break out the green screen."

"Post scene???"

"Who the hell are you guys?"

"Yay Groot is still a teenager."

"I can't wait until May next year."

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