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Christmas songs you want to listen to

Christmas is here and that means the strains of Christmas music will be heading our way in a tidal wave of saccharine tunes.

The other night at my work Christmas party - yes, we've had it already - the novelty of the same Christmas songs you hear every year did wear thin a bit quickly. And I consider myself a Christmas fan.

The truth is it is seen as cool not to like festive tunes. Since going out with S, who is a proper "muso" with good taste in tunes, I have also realised I might need to improve my festive listening along with the rest of my music library.

So here are a few yuletide songs which are a slight departure from the norm.

Little Drummer Boy - Jimi Hendrix

This quaint Christmas tune gets a masterful makeover in the style of Hendrix's re-imagining of the Star Spangled Banner

White Wine In The Sun - Tim Minchin

The Aussie comedian gives the festive season his own spin - this song has been known to bring people to tears because it captures the essence of a modern Christmas.

Carol Of The Bells - Metallica

Another redo of a festive classic. Come for the guitars, stay for the tune.

Santa's Beard - The Beach Boys

The guitars, bounce and harmony you would expect from the Beach Boys makes this a blend of beach dwelling and Christmas. And the lyrics are genius.

Stop The Cavalry - Jona Lewie

Sue me, I like this one. Just sit back and listen.

Christmas Time - The Darkness

Ok, you're right, this is just a Christmas song. But it knows exactly what it is and those guitar chords will liven up any festive gathering which has got stodgy with sentimentality and chocolate.

Wit It This Christmas - Ariana Grande

Another in the long line of R&B songs to come out in recent memory, but put it on in the early hours during the Christmas party and wait for the drop.

Did I miss one?


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