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Happy anniversary Davidoff

A note crossed my desk today which rather caught my eye. Davidoff Cigars is turning 50 this year.

I recently sat down with the folks at Davidoff to talk about what is new - for the most part it was their superb Winston Churchill range. Inspired by the great man himself and the early hours when he used to do his best work, the line includes six types of cigar, a special humidor and a glass perfectly created to balance a cigar while you drink your whisky.

But we skirted round the matter of the company's impending birthday.

Davidoff was founded in 1968 and to this day claims to embody a "new name and a new philosophy". It was driven by the man himself, Zino Davidoff. For a quick history lesson, Davidoff ran a specialist tobacco store in Geneva from the 1930s. After the Second World War he began to produce cigars with Cuban tobacco. The first "Davidoff" was released 50 years ago.

Today the brand is one of the market leaders and produces an excellent range and currently has more than 10 types of cigar available on the market. It sits wonderfully in that spot of luxury and decadence which is so hard to hit today, without straying towards the murky waters of "aspiring gangsta".

So for five decades of excellent work I say well done Davidoff - and here is to the next 50.

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