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Walking Prague

Once Christmas is in the bag people's attention turns to New Year and the next round of festivities. This year S and I decided to escape the usual parties and head away for the arrival of 2018.

We hopped across to Prague for some days wandering the cobbled streets and wrapping up against the cold.

Prague is as beautiful as advertised. We are staying just outside the main centre, but it is a quick hop on the tram into where the action is.

Once you are there it is all cobbled streets and old buildings which tumble towards the edge of the river. On the other side the famous castle dominates the skyline with another collection of winding streets nestled into the hillside in its shadow.

One of the must-see tourist spots is the John Lennon Peace Wall, which began as a protest against the country's Communist regime in the 1980s. Today it is a work of urban art, which draws quite the flock of tourists hungry for the perfect Instagram snap.

Waterways snake through the city and the streets are packed with everything from shops selling Czech puppets to gluvine stalls.

We made particular use of the latter and also discovered Trdelnik - a Czech "chimney cake" which consists of a pastry chimney cooked with cinnamon sugar on the outside. You can get it with sauce inside, but I discovered the perils of doing so when I ended up with caramel all over my sleeves.

We walked the Chrismas markets, toured the castle, visited the Faust House - no deals with the Devil in sight - and stopped by to take a look at the dancing house, which is built to look like a couple mid-routine.

I'd thoroughly recommend a trip. There are trams which will take you anywhere you want to go, but for the best experience just wander and see what you can find.


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