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Grabbing a coffee Hiit in St Albans

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I am, and have always been, a big fan of what Agent Dale Cooper would call a "damn fine cup of coffee".

Ok, I am also a fan of a slightly dated pop culture reference. Sue me. Actually is it possible to have a dated pop culture reference? If it's dated is it still pop culture? I'm getting off the point here.

A good cup of strong black coffee and a place to enjoy it is one of life's true pleasures. And to that end I love a good coffee shop. So when I saw "award-winning coffee" on offer in St Albans at the weekend, well I could hardly resist could I?

S and I had spent a lovely day strolling round St Albans in the sun and we wandered past Hiit as we were heading back towards the car. One for the road seemed only fair.

Inside, Hiit looks like a decent, independent coffee shop. There is wood decor and it is all kept simple, with chalk boards telling you what is on offer. But once you look at what is on offer you realise you are somewhere a little bit special.

The name, as you gym-goers will know, comes from 'high intensity interval training' and Hiit is more than a coffee shop, indeed it's full title is Hiit Kitchen.

The focus is on healthy and energy boosting goods. They have fruit-based colas and resealable cans of water. Yes, we bought both. Some might whinge this is a gimmick but for £1, good taste and a re-useable water can, I am not complaining.

But, onto the main event: the coffee itself. "Award-winning" was a high standard to meet, but the Hiit team did it. The coffee here was truly excellent.

This is the perfect little stop-off spot for anyone who is taking a wander round St Albans. The city is just the perfect little getaway just outside London. The cobbled streets and historic buildings give it that beautifully old-England feel. The park, river and town centre are all within strolling distance too. So you can enjoy the sun or peruse the shops.

Or both. As S and I did.

If you are lucky enough to live in this picturesque hamlet and have not popped by Hiit then I suggest you

rectify that pronto. If you are there on a visit, I'd recommend it for a morning pick-me-up. Or an afternoon one for that matter.

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