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Yes we Cannes

I'm currently sat in Nice Cote d'Azur Airport having just completed my second Cannes show.

The Cannes event is my industry's biggest of the year and it generally leaves a few people rather broken. From the moment the opening cocktail party starts on Sunday, until the show closes on Friday afternoon, it is a rollercoaster of meetings, exhibitions, presentations, cocktail parties and some very late nights.

In general you expect to spend about 19 hours of the day awake and most of that on your feet and on the go. It is a brilliant week, with some very memorable events - a few of which I will tell you more about shortly - and the setting is beautiful.

But I've picked up a few bits over the last couple of years and having spoken to those who have done it before many times, here are five rules for surviving Cannes.

If you see food, water, a chair or a toilet then grab it

Basics can be in short short supply as you rush from meeting to meeting and event to event, so if someone offers you a glass of water or some food, or you spot an unoccupied chair or toilet then make sure you take advantage of it. You don't know when the next one will pop up.

Beware mixing your drinks

"I feel fine," someone told me this morning, "I have just been drinking Champagne all week."

There is a plethora of drinks on offer in Cannes - often in free bars. But don't be too much like a kid in a chocolate factory, we all know what happened to the kids who over-indulged with Willy Wonka.

The 5 Cs Diet

Nutrition in Cannes consists of five things: Champagne, canapes, chocolate, croissant and coffee. Be prepared.

You don't need many outfits

It' adorable if you think you will have time to change outfits - you probably won't. A scarf/tie chucked in a bag is an easy swap for the gents; otherwise, don't over-pack. You'll be grateful for the space at the end of the week, you don't want to be lugging unused clothes home.

You do need comfy shoes

Ideally they are durable, smart and comfortable, you will basically be living in them.

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