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First look at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker - and an Avengers taster

"We don't need another film about - or featuring - The Joker."

I have said it a few times. Jack Nicholson did a brilliant job. Heath Ledger somehow revived it with a second startling performance. Since then the Clown Prince of Crime has appeared all over the place - most notably in Jared Leto's divisive Suicide Squad portrayal.

I get it. The Joker is a brilliant part and, played well, is a gift for an audience. But stop over-doing him. In the comics the Joker has numerous back stories, he even goes so far as to say he likes his history to be "multiple choice". But do we need more from him on the big screen.

I am firmly in Camp No. Or I was.

Dammit if the first glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker film, due later this year, hasn't skewed my thoughts on this. It is dark, removed from the other worlds of Batman and looks like an almost artsy character study of the man himself.

Alan Moore's seminal comic The Killing Joke posed the question: "What does it take to turn a man into The Joker?"

This film might just let us take a look.

And for you Marvel fans...we have got a bit more Avengers: Endgame.

We are not far away from the release of the latest mega-blockbuster from the Marvel camp and this finally brings our bedraggled heroes face-to-face with Thanos. Again.

I cannot wait.

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