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60 minutes in Stockholm

I'm all at sea today. Well sort of. If I'm honest I'm currently sat in a hotel in Dubai which is a far-cry from the photo above, but that is the nature of this job sometimes.

I spent much of this week on a whistlestop tour of the Nordics and have just touched down in Dubai for a conference which kicks off this evening.

But I forgot to put up this post about my quick spin round Stockholm, so here goes.

Moving on from the snow-strewn streets of Helsinki I boarded an overnight ferry and headed to Stockholm, where I found myself with about an hour to kill in the city centre before heading to the airport.

First stop? Take a look at the palace.

The guards looked thrilled about having their photos taken.

Stockholm is a true port city and there were some stunning views out over the frozen waterfronts which were set off by the wintery cold and blues.

What stunned me was that a quick 180 degree turn away from the water took me into narrow cobbled streets which wind up the hill into the town centre.

I think it grabs the prize for most colourful of the three cities I've sped through this week.

But with time catching up with me and a plane which would definitely not wait I had to bid my goodbyes to Stockholm and the Nordics - for now.

i think I've just got three more cities for my to do list.

#photography #travel

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