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90 minutes in Tallin

Tallin tower

I touched down in Tallin this afternoon as part of a work trip.

One of the weird aspects of this job is that I often get to fly out to cool places but then have little time (or in some cases no time) to look around.

On arrival in Tallin I had two work meetings and then just under two hours to kill before heading off to my next stop.

Signpost Tallin

Luckily for me Tallin rolled out the white carpet for my arrival and put on a beautifully snowy display for my arrival.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity I wrapped myself up warm and stomped off towards the Old Town where twinkling lights and old buildings were offering a scene which seemed too good to miss.

Estonia all lit up

A swift hop across two roads and I was in a network of streets and alleys decorated with holly and icicles. There were not many people to be seen, but it was probably just nearing the end of the wroking day for most folks.

Tallin is truly stunning. It has a very old-school feel not unlike cities like York back home, where cobbles and old walls blend seamlessly into the landscape and shops and cafes are tucked away around every corner.

Christmas lights

Never miss the chance for a black and white snap. It makes me feel very artsy.

Snowy street

With the cold beginning to take hold I popped into a nearby cafe to warm myself up. As is often the case when I'm hopping timezones I was out of sync with meals and it seemed a shame to pass up the chance to grab a local bite to eat.

The coffee was great and the bacon and cheese pastry really did hit the spot. I'm never a fan of being in a country where I don't speak the local language but luckily most people round here will help out with a polite smile.

coffee in Tallin

After warming up it was back out into the snow and through the streets to head to my next port of call. I've seen enough of Tallin to know I'll be back to visit properly one day.

Any tips for my return? Give me a shout.

Streets of Tallin in the snow

And my next port of call? Quite literally a port. I'm hopping on a boat to Helsink. See you soon.


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