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A great cup of coffee at Boston Tea Party, Bath

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Bath has just been listed as the best UK holiday destination for 2019 by Country Living. That came as no surprise to S and I, we spent a wonderful few days there a couple of weeks ago.

It was our escape after a stressful and irritating few weeks and it was perfect - but more on that another time.

Bath is famous for lots of things - architecture, history, shopping and - unsurprisingly - the baths. But a quick coffee break during a day of meandering in the city provided a pleasant surprise: one of the best cups of coffee I have ever stumbled across.

Boston Tea Party is something of an institution. The company has two outlets in Bath and another 20 around the country at locations such as Chichester, Salisbury and Cheltenham. S and I dropped into the Bath Kingsmead Square tea shop in search of refreshment on a quiet Friday morning.

The location is perfect for sitting and watching the world go by (and it's opposite a truly amazing bar - more on that to come too). Inside, the shop neatly walks the line between hipster cool and accessible comfort. The wooden tables are packed in to a space which hits 'comfortable' right on the head.

It would be ideal for any of an older couple getting their morning refreshment, students catching up, couples sharing some together time and people trying to catch up on a bit of work. Indeed all those people could be found there on the day we dropped in.

But I digress; the coffee. As is often the case when in a shop like this I asked for the special house blend. You never know what you'll find. This time, I found Augusto Vasquez.

The coffee was a surprising delight. Beautifully made by the team at Boston Tea Party, it is almost chocolaty to drink, with a slight cherry flavour too. It is not one to throw back, but drink slowly and enjoy.

A quick look around ascertained that the coffee come courtesy of a co-operative in PEru and the producer is a Mr Augusto Vasquez Llamo, who grows his beans on a farm high up in the mountains and has for almost two decades.

Well, for my money, long may he continue.

And, if you are in Bath, drop by Boston Tea Party.

Photos of the coffee shop courtesy of Boston Tea Party


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