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Et adieu Montreal

And so another flying visit comes to an end.

The beauty of my job is that I get to go to amazing places, like Montreal, but the curse is that is is generally a flying visit with just enough time to arrive, work and leave. Thank god for jetlag which means we get a bit of time to play with in somewhere like Montreal.

This is a brilliant city and one I'd love to come back to. In walking distance of the hotel are the old French district, complete with amazing cathedral, the bustling downtown, Chinatown and the mountain.

Not bad for access on foot.

The last few days have been a blast; rushing from place to place for meetings and having some great parties along the way. Some of the products on show at the convention here have been brilliant, but my top spot of the week is this limited edition Canada 150 bottle from Crystal Head Vodka.

Oh and I met Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes, but more on that another time

A hectic few days of business, pleasure and good company, merci Montreal.


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