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An idiot's guide to wearing a mask

Remember when masks weren't a thing? I do. It was before the global pandemic shut down most of the world. But that's not really our reality now. So, as I write this, masks look like they are set to be a part of our lives for the immediate future.

Here in the UK they have become mandatory in shops as of yesterday. So, when I popped out to do my weekly food shop, I was equipped with this fetching little number.

Well, if you're wearing a mask you may as well make it fun.

This came courtesy of Bags of Love, who allow you to design and create your own face mask. They come in packs of two or four and are "soft, stretchy and latex free", according to the site. They certainly are comfy to wear.

Mine is a medium because I got matching ones for S and I and they have to be the same size in one pack. But we do look excellent in our matching masks.

For those of you asking, yes, that is a cartoon of my face and hers on the mask. It is our staycation logo, I was going to get t-shirts, but masks seemed better.

Either way, I was impressed to see about 99% of people masked-up when I hit the shops yesterday. Look, I know they are a pain. I know some people don't like them, but please put one on.

So many people have trotted out the same arguments that they are getting repetitive now. Medical staff have to wear this stuff to treat you, maybe do it so they won't have to.

And, make yourself look excellent with a personalised one. I am planning a line of Millennial Gent ones for when I got to meetings again. Have some fun with it.

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