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Back on stage in The Wedding Singer

It's been a busy summer.

I'm writing this from my sofa in the wake of an excellent week back on stage for the first time in years. I have written before about the fact that amdram has been a big part of my life since I was quite young. In fact it's how I first met S, doing Grease with Epsom Players back in 2016.

Anyhow, this week we were both back on the Epsom Playhouse stage for the first time since the pandemic in a production of The Wedding Singer.

The musical is based on the 1998 film with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and is a feel-good burst of silliness and fun. S took the lead in this production and was simply superb, while I got to don an excellent wig as bass player Sammy.

Amdram is a funny way to pass your time in some respects; there is a lot of hard work and time that goes into putting together a show over a few months leading up to a week which is always equal parts exhausting, nerve-wracking and excellent fun.

The cast for this one were a blast and here's a few shots from the show. Credit for the pictures goes to Alan Barnes Photography.

Epsom Players are back on stage early next year with a production of Legally Blonde and everything you need to know about being involved in that show is right here.

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