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Cannabissimo and the CBD coffee delight

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

In a small Italian factory, a Master Roaster is creating a blend which could change the way you take your coffee.

I discovered Cannabissimo at the Brighton Coffee Festival last month and it has quickly become one of my favourite unexpected discoveries.

Don't get hung up or - or over excited by - the name, Cannabissimo is a hemp infused coffee made in Southern Italy by blending roasted coffee beans with ground organic hemp.

A good name goes a long way and I am sure that its unique moniker is what had a swarm of people around the Cannabissimo stand when I met the team in Brighton. But, as with anything like this, the product has to stand up once the name's hype has died down. In this respect, I'm glad Cannabissimo has an attention-grabbing name, because it makes a superb cup of coffee.

Cannabissimo has rather landed in the market at the perfect time. CBD (or cannabidoil) is having something of a moment within the natural health industry right now. With everything from oils and pills to drinks and shampoo, you can hardly move online for someone touting the benefits of CBD.

Such stories are what inspired Mighty Green Coffee co-founder Claudia Le Favre, a nutritionist of 14 years, to find out more about the product. As she puts it: "Many people find two challenges with CBD: the cost and the taste."

But one small factory in Italy provided the answer.

Here, Master Roaster Nicola oversees the roasting of a secret blend of coffee beans, which are mixed with ground, organic, Italian hemp to create Cannabissimo, which you can now get in the UK and Ireland thanks to Mighty Green Coffee.

The real joy of Cannabissimo is that you can make it and enjoy it just like your regular cuppa. Pop it in a filter or a cafetière and create an espresso or longer drink as you wish.

The coffee is delightful on its own, it has the slightly earthy texture you might expect from a hemp product, but the hemp aspect is not overpowering as it is in some products.

But to really bring your cup of coffee to life? You need a drop of oat milk.

I took this tip straight from the experts. Claudia explained that it activates the flavours within the coffee and it created a drink which comes alive with new and vibrant tastes, without straying too far from the coffee we know and love.

If you're looking for something different, want to find out a bit about CBD or just want to try something new, you can find Cannabissimo, and their other coffees, on the Mighty Green Coffee website.

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