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Christmas Down Under - Part 1

With the winter weather turning London and Surrey into a scene reminiscent of a post "Winter is Coming" Game of Thrones, S and I have escaped to sunnier climes for the festive season.

We are spending Christmas with S's family in Perth on Australia's West Coast, where the temperature is currently tipping the mercury at 41 degrees.

We set off early Monday morning and touched down in Perth on Tuesday afternoon, just in time to collapse in jet-lagged confusion. Since then we have had a few days of adventures in the area.

We've spent a bit of time exploring the surrounding are, including a trip to Hillary's Boat Harbour for a lemon, lime and bitters to counter the heat - if you're looking for a solution to a hot day (not right now) then this is it.

And the chance to remind ourselves where we have come to - or plan the next stop.

We also headed out for a day exploring the island of Rottnest, just a quick ferry ride across from Perth.

The island takes its name from "rats' nest" due to the Quokkas which live there. These adorable marsupials are so tame they will wander up to your table as you eat.

There is also what is known as a "Quokka selfie" - well I couldn't resist.

After scouting round the coastline...

We found a perfect beach to top up our tans.

In the midst we have done quite a bit of jaunting around the local area

Including a trip through Perth's Botanical Gardens.

And a stride across the canopy walkway.

On Friday we made the most of the outside too with a trip to the Moonlight Cinema for a viewing of The Favourite (it's good, if you were wondering). We curled up on bean bags with a drink in hand and enjoyed the evening's warmth.

We've got more to fit in before Christmas Day kicks in on Tuesday, but if you need us in the meantime we'll be right here!


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