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Cocktail recipes for autumn at home

It appears that the summer has finally left us and the nights are drawing in. On top of that, we are facing the very real chance of our going out options being further limited due to the ongoing pandemic.

So this seems like the perfect excuse - if one were needed - to brush up on your cocktail making skills. Everyone should have at least two cocktails: One they can order without thinking and one they can make if the situation arises.

To help you out, here are four of my favourites.

Old Fashioned

Double shot of whisky

1 Tsp Sugar

1 dash of water

2 dashes of bitters

Orange zest

Rub the orange zest around the glass.

Put the sugar and water at the bottom of the glass and muddle. Add the bitters and muddle further.

Put the zest in and muddle further.

Add ice, then pour whisky over the sugar and stir to serve.

Martini (Shaken)

Double shot of gin

Splash of vermouth

Add the double shot of gin and splash of vermouth to a shaker and add ice.

Shake it until the outside of the shaker begins to freeze.

Pour into a martini glass.

[To make it dirty (which you should), add a splash of the olive brine to the glass and roll it around the inside before pouring the drink in]

Garnish with an olive.


1 Part Campari

1 Part Gin

1 Part sweet vermouth

Slice of grapefruit

Add the alcohol to the glass and mix with ice. Add the garnish, squeezing some of the juice in.

You can also do it with a shake, a la Stanley Tucci.

Whiskey Sour

2 shots of Scotch

1 shot of lemon juice

Dash of sugar syrup or 1 tsp of sugar

Egg white (optional)

Put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Serve in a glass with fresh ice.

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