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Coffee in the cold in Prague

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Prague is beautiful, but it is a bit on the chilly side. It is about as cold as the UK, but the wind takes the temperature down below freezing.

As a result, while we were exploring S and I found ourselves in need of a warming beverage. Usually this took the form of a gluvine bought from one of the numerous street vendors or stores, but I could not pass up the opportunity to grab at least one coffee in a new city.

Just a short walk from the John Lennon Peace Wall we found Cafe Marnice. It is tucked away under a bridge and nestled next to the river. Ironically, for a spot chosen to warm up, it is all outside, but that was not a problem. The tables are arranged around a trio of pillars each carrying a heater and the column of fire gives the whole place a warming feeling.

To add to the "hygge" atmosphere the chairs are covered in furs so you can sit back and wrap yourself up.

To combat the chill in the air S and I both ordered an espresso and a banana crepe to share. The crepes are made in-house and are light and delightful. tThey are the perfect mid-morning snack while you are touring round a new city.

The coffee was beautifully strong and we enjoyed the feeling of warmth as we sat snuggled in our furs admiring the cold stone bridges and the busker playing a short distance away - except for the moment he missed a key change mid song.

We could have happily sat there for hours but there was more exploring to do and the wanderlust got the better of us.

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