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Country Living don't do weekends, but if they did...

Spring is trying to, well, spring.

The snow, which plunged us into a deep freeze last week, shifted as the weekend hit and that meant that S and I could indulge in a countryside day out we have been planning for a while.

We woke up surrounded by fields, with cool sunshine overhead and barely an ounce of snow in sight.

After the Sunday morning breakfast of champions - avocado on bagels - it was on with the boots and coats, and out into the cool spring/winter air.

The last vestiges of winter merged with the first drops of spring as we sauntered along the country lanes and through the fields which surrounded the house.

In fact, we decided to take a closer look and see if we couldn't get a bit arty in the process.

The aim of the walk had been to go to a nearby tea shop and stock up on baked treats and a hot drink before strolling back to make the most of the dark winter's evening. But despite the temperature picking up, the snow still conspired to affect our plans as the shop was shut due to bad weather.

Undeterred we trekked back through the green fields - not forgetting to say hello to the locals en route. "Hi neigh-bour!"

With no cakes to be found in the village it was out with the cookbooks and we whipped up a batch of our own tasty treats.

These vegan cookies were to die for. I feel like I can say that without feeling bad because S did the work to make them. She's the expert there.

With night closing in it was time to light a fire and get curled up.

The day had shown us the best of the beautiful English countryside, which meant the evening had to be spent thinking about far-flung adventures. What could be better than holiday planning by firelight?

A few hours, and some furious internet searches, later and we had a few excursions mapped out.

Wanderlust satiated (for now), we finished the weekend curled up on a sofa with a little tipple. Cheers

And then we settled in for the night.

The perfect end to a relaxed Sunday in the countryside.


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