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  • Chris Mads

Jazz in the park at Love Supreme

Summer can mean lots of things to lots of people. For many of us in Britain it often means disappointing, rain-soaked barbecues and the odd moment of sunny glory in a pub garden.

But there is one other thing which goes hand-in-hand with the British summertime: live music.

From the moment it all kicks off with BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, the summer is awash with festivals and open-air music events. My parents - like many parents - are big fans of the open-air opera evening at Glyndebourne. I haven't been myself, but recently S and I headed down to Glynde Place for a slightly different day of music.

Welcome to Love Supreme.

The three-day event takes over a large open field overlooked by the manor house at Glynde Place and this year was headlined by names such as Gladys Knight and Ms Lauryn Hill.

We were there on Sunday, ostensibly to see Jamie Cullum, who was on the main stage before Lauryn Hill - and was brilliant - and also Mahalia, who has quickly rocketed towards the top of S's list of favourites.

Summertime festivals can be a bit of a minefield, but the friendly, inclusive vibe was everywhere here, with guests of all ages and styles, from the beer-for-breakfast campers to the chair-carrying live music aficionados.

If you fancy a bit of live music in a field, but Glastonbury seems a bit strong, give this a shot. It's the perfect warm-up.


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