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Dirty haircare from Lush

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I have searched long and hard for the ideal hair product.

Because I am, at heart, pretty lazy, I don’t want to have a series of hair products. I want something which gives me enough hold for professional events, but which allows me to run my hands through my hair and mess it up – I do that a lot when I’m working or thinking.

Over the years I have tried a fair few different options; during my unfortunate teenage years I had a horrendous gelled spiked look, which school friends took great delight in messing up and leaving me with a fluffy hairdo akin to a duckling. That was the end of my gel phase.

Equally I have tried out some slightly unfortunate overly greased swept-back looks which had a slight air of a bad Harvey Specter fancy dress effort.

Fortunately for me, S has turned me into something of a Lush fan as far as deodorants and face washes go (Aromaco and Kalamazoo if you were wondering). While I was in there a while ago, one of the shop assistants suggested I try out Dirty, their hair styling product. He gave me a small tester pot and I have not looked back.

Dirty is a medium-hold styling cream which gives a matte finish and can withstand the challenges of winter winds without feeling too structured.

One note of caution to sound is that Dirty comes with strong elements of the Dirty perfume range. This means it is layered with sandalwood and pine, so it smells amazing but you may need to consider that when looking at your fragrance options for the day.

The cream itself is made with Japan wax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, so it is malleable and moisturising. What more could you need?

You only require a small amount of the product, it works easily between your palms so you won’t be there for hours getting it into a state to use.

I have fairly thick hair which has a tendency to curl when it is longer and Dirty lets it maintain its natural shape but holds it where I want it.

The Lush site recommends working from back to front and then combing, but I am not a big fan of daily combing and generally start at the front because my hair can take on a slight Tintin aspect if not tamed.

I know proper beauty and skincare bloggers will – quite rightly – endorse complex haircare routines, but for a simple daily product which can take you from sofa to meeting and back via the pub, I cannot recommend Dirty enough.

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