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End of year awards

As 2017 nears its end it is time to pick out a few folks who have set an example we can follow for the year ahead. So here are the 2017 iCons of the Year.

React like the producers of All The Money In the World

Weeks before the release of All The Money In The World allegations of sexual abuse allegationss about star Kevin Spacey hit the headlines. Rather than keep Spacey in the cut or delay the film, Ridley Scott and his team decided to replace the actor, who was playing the leading role of John Paul Getty. Christopher Plummer stepped in and after a $10 million, nine-day shoot the film was redone.

Embrace life like Jason Mamoa

I'll address the elephant in the room, TV and film star Jasom Momoa has had a hit and miss year - Justice League was hardly groundbreaking and he got (quite rightly) in trouble for stupid comments he made in 2011. But his zest for life is something we could all do with a sample of. His Instagram account is awash with joie de vivre as he climbs, rides and plays guitar, all while celebrating family, friends and living life to the full.

Speak out like the #MeToo campaigners

This year has been defined by the revelation of the world's worst-kept secret - sexual abuse. Hoards of brave women and men have spoken out about previous attacks and abuse which they have suffered. Their bravery and actions deserve praise but the best response will always be for this horror to be quashed forever.

Maintain your brand like The Rock

Last year Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was named our "Work Like" iCon. The Rock is a perfect example of someone who seems to document his every move on social media, his Instagram account is awash with photos of him fooling around with costars, releasing trailers and posting videos of thanks. And every bit of it is right on message and in tune with the image Johnson wants. Social media has many evils, but it is the perfect place to promote your brand and control your image and few do it better than The Rock.

Dress like Eddie Redmayne

This makes Eddie Redmayne a two-time winner of this prize, having taken top spot last year. But he deserves it. Not only is his style simple and efficient, but it is full of lessons we can all follow - good tailoring, simple basics etc. With preppy set to make a comeback in 2018, Redmayne will be as fashionable as ever. And he had a great suitcase.

Accessorise like Lino Ieluzzi

The Italian menswear icon and owner of Al Bazar di Lino Ieluzzi is one of the best-dressed men on Instagram. His double-breasted jackets and broad ties are style personified. But Lion Ieluzzi's accessorising game can teach us all so much. Putting accessories with smart dress can be difficult, but from hats and scares to pocket squares and beads, this account is a how-to guide.

Dominate like Ed Sheeran

When you make the Official Charts Company change their rules because you have done so well then you are setting a standard. Ed Sheeran's new album Divide hit the charts early this year and his single almost filled the top 20. After 16 of Sheeran's songs appeared in the list, the Official Charts Company changed the rules such that no one can have more than three entries in the top 100. If you are going to do something, be the best at it.

Troll the internet like Mark Hamill

The Luke Skywalker actor has been having fun on the internet for ages, but with rumours and discussion flying ahead of the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi, Mark Hamill went into overdrive. Social media can be a dark and angry place, so enjoy a few of these beauties.

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