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Epsom's Vegan Market

On the fourth Sunday of every month, the Epsom Vegan Market takes over the market square outside the Ashley Centre in the middle of Epsom.

Run by the folks at Surrey Vegan, the market brings together producers of all sorts, from bakers and drinks brands to health & wellness companies and food-to-go stalls.

S and I stumbled over the October edition last weekend and ended up coming away with quite the haul of goodies. Take a look.

Binary Botanical

From the Good Living Brew Company, Binary Botanical offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers which are light, with a gentle fizz and fragrant taste. The non-alcoholic version is a great drink in its own right.

FNK Pies

These homemade, short-crust vegan pies are the perfect lunch. We popped them in the oven and they were filling and full of flavour. FNK Pies do a great selection which you can buy online.

Eden Greens

These Microgreens kits were a revelation. The Eden Greens team offer both pre-packaged veg which is full of flavour and lights up any lunch - we had our with the pies above. You can also grab a grow-your-own kit and get a set in your kitchen. I am leaving the growing in S's capable hands.

Sophie's Vegan Bakery

Possibly the best homemade brownies I have had. Two bites of gooey, chocolatey goodness. You can fins Sophie on Instagram.

O'Donnell Moonshine

Sometimes, it pays to judge a book by its cover. I stopped at the O'Donnell Moonshine stall because the Prohibition design was eye-catching. The liquid in the jars surpassed the look. This Tough Nut one is great on its own, but will go in an Irish coffee or a modifies White Russian (I'll tell you when I've tried that).

The Epsom Vegan Market is back on 22 November and then on 20 December and is well wroth a visit - even if you're not a vegan, the stuff is still good.

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