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Escape to the country

With weather like we are having it seems a crime to rush away to foreign climes. S and I love a good globe-trotting jaunt just as much as the next person, but as the madness of the last few weeks faded away we decided to escape for some R&R in the countryside.

S knew of The Water Tower from a previous trip and had always wanted to go back. A converted water tower nestled on a farm just off the South Downs, what could be better? Check them out here.

We jumped in the motor, feeling every bit the romantic couple from a 1920s film, and coursed round country lanes, past fields of sheep and horses and up dirt tracks to find our haven.

The Water Tower (which I stupidly didn’t actually photograph) is a beautiful little getaway located in the middle of a large farm, with stables and a horse workout area just next door. You can even take tea out in the sun and watch the animals and clouds go by.

The idyllic country setting was not the only thing which drew us to the area.

There is also The Llama Park.

This is a rolling country hillside which has been divided up into huge fields which house a range of llamas, alpacas, donkeys and reindeer. Some of them were keen to pose for photos.

Others were just watching us go by.

And we made friends with a few. Look at this guy.

And this one.

I had to tempt him though.

In fact, S and I discovered that food was the best way to make friends at the park. Don’t worry, they give you park-approved snacks for the animals on arrival.

The true star of the day was this guy, who we saw at the top of the field and then galloped right down the hill to meet us at the bottom for more treats. 10 points for effort.

You can even get married there, if you are into that sort of thing.

The Llama Park is a great day out, but we decided a trip towards the South Coast would not be complete without a seafront ice cream and a pootle round Seaford and Littlehaven.

Or a cup of tea at a farm.

After a hectic couple of months it was a truly lovely getaway.

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