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Falling for autumn style

Let me start by saying, I love summer and dressing for the sun. I am a massive fan of shorts and flip flops and would, quite happily, dress like that by a beach every day.

But the clouds are overhead, rain is falling here in the UK and - like many others - I have been digging out my winter wardrobe. And I'm in love all over again.

Autumn is the best season of the year for dressing. Fact.

As much as we all love the sun, there is a constant battle for wearing enough clothes to be decent, but little and light enough to stay cool. Autumn means boots, jumpers, coats and scarves. It means layering and autimatic accessories, but the cool air means you are not just heaping on all the heaviest items you can find like in the depths of winter.

Autumn is a chance to break out that coat you loved all of last winter and those boots which have been hibernating away from the heat of summer.

For me, it is also the season to break out my favourite accessory - the scarf.

I love a scarf. From the chunky ones used to ward off the creeping frost to the light ones you can throw on with a suit when the sun says warm but the wind disagrees.

Autumn also gives you the opportunity to play with colours. In summer you are trying to juggle colours across a small nubmer of clothes and in winter, let's face it, you are wearing one outfit under your coat and then hiding it from the outside world.

The Fall brings mustard jumpers and burgundy tops to the fore, with brown tweed jackets, deep blue pea coats and overcoats as grey as the dusk. Each of these is brought to life by a flash of colour from a statement shirt or scarf - even a hat. Don't be afraid to play, you can always change a layer to fix it if you are not happy with the end result.

Below you will find a few of the key things you need to get your hands on as the leaves start to fall.

Featured clothes courtesy of Topman, River Island and Zara. Main image from Pixabay.

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