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Fremantle, Sunsets and Christmas Day in Oz

So Christmas in the sun was a blast!

On Sunday we headed down to Cottesloe Beach to catch the last of the sun and see it set over the horizon.

It turns out the vegans had been out in force to spread the word in the area, so we put S in place for a photo op.

And the sunset did not let us down as the fishermen kept up their efforts through the dusk.

For Christmas Eve, we headed down to Fremantle, which was genuinely brilliant. It has a brilliant vibe as you head through market stalls

And took a stroll through the streets.

No visit to Freo (as the locals call it) is complete without a trip to the Little Creatures Brewery.

There was a waterfront location, beer and food. What more could you need with a view like this?

So we copied the locals and settled in.

For the day itself, we joined S's family for a day of food, festivities and frivolity - with suitable eyewear.

Thank you very much to this gang for a lovely day and for letting me share Christmas with you...

...and I'm thinking the 'Drinking Tree' might be my favourite Christmas addition.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Bali for a week over New Year, until then we hope you're all enjoying the festive season.


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