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Getting Snoopy with the Levi X Peanuts collection at Topman

When I heard that Levi’s had produced a collaboration collection with the iconic Peanuts characters, I was desperate to get me hands on a few pieces.

That excitement came with one serious reservation, however. Traditionally, Levi’s clothes don’t fit me. They are made with a boxier or longer cut which does not fit my frame at all.

Still, I had to try. I decided it was best to start small and see how the fit worked – one t-shirt and a hoodie should do the job.

As you might expect from Levi’s, the quality feels amazing. Both items are 100% cotton and you can feel the weight and quality as you pick them up.

I had gone as small as possible for both – naturally. This meant both arrived in XS, which suggested a chest size of 32-34in (I’m a 36in chest by tape measure). For what it is worth, the waist on the t-shirt, according to Levi’s, is a 26-28in waist, which is what I am.

Unfortunately for me, these tees are not ones for smaller guys.

I do have – and wear – a few loosed fit t-shirts, but this looks like something I am waiting to grow in to. This one had to go back.

The jumper? Success.

I adore this jumper. The weight and quality when you put it on are ideal and the tiny Snoopy graphics add a touch of fun without making it unusable in a sensible situation.

I suspect this will be a key part of my layering efforts in the coming weeks – unless it gets stolen by my better half, who loves Snoopy almost as much as she enjoys wearing my jumpers when it is cold.

Though that is the ultimate recommendation I suppose.

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