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Grabbing a cuppa at F*ckcoffee

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

There are so many coffee shops popping up around London these days that most of them are looking for a way to stand out.

For some it is unique beans, ordering from iPads or drinking your brew out of a flower pot. For F*ckcoffee it is all about attitude.

Tucked away on Bermondsey Street, just a short walk form Borough Tube Station, you can't fail to spot F*ckoffee as you walk past. The sign is emblazoned across the front in lettering which looks like it has been spat out by an old computer game and inside there is a wonderful collision between a room packed with stuff and people and one with lots of room to spare.

I stumbled across F*ckoffee, which re-branded from its former moniker of Jonestown, almost by mistake. I had been at a meeting across the road and needed a spot to do some work and personal admin before heading home.

One look at that name and how could I resist? Walking in for the first time, you are struck by the sheer amount that is going on in the room - there is coffee for sale, a mass of sofas, chairs and stools, and the obligatory selection of Macbook wielding NFOs.

The resultant atmosphere is great. But the true winner is the coffee. Strong, black, perfectly made and delivered with a small glass of water. I set up shop on a comfy sofa and could quite happily have settled in for the afternoon.

Unfortunately I had another appointment to make, but I'll be back and I suggest you head there too. Soon.

Also, these guys don't take themselves too seriously, which is always refreshing.

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