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Grabbing a Brazilian

What could be better on a cold winter's night than a little taste of Brazil to warm you up?

Cabana restaurant at Westfield Stratford is a lovely "shack" in the restaurant section. As you wander through it has a little glow and inside the beach hut decor of wood and bright colours puts away all thoughts of the cold outside.

And the food is amazing.

In fact, the food was good enough - and I was so hungry - that I completely forgot to take my own photos. Luckily Cabana's Instagram account has come to the rescue with a collection of photos of the food we had.

I was accompanied by my dad and sister and while dad tucked into a chicken salad and Kate tackled a chicken dish of her own, I took on the ribs.

The meat was fall-off-the bone soft and melted in your mouth. Alongside it the chips were light and the coconut coleslaw may sound unusual but it is well worth a try.

Westfield has a huge range of high profile eateries, but if you want something a bit different - and an escape from the winter - do give these guys a shot.

All photos courtesy of Cabana on Instagram

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